August 22, 2008

tasco scopes

tasco scopes
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tasco scopes

Refractor spotting scopes have two body designs: straight and angled. A lot of people prefer the straight design where the eyepieces are aligned with each other. The eyepiece in an angled scope however is placed 45 degrees or 90 degrees from the barrel.

Straight scopes are considered more convenient to use. To follow birds, straight scopes can even be positioned on a car window. In an elevated position, they are also much easier to use. But some people might prefer the angled design. The choice is really dependent on how one will use the scope.

The fundamental differences between a straight and an angled scope are as follows:

When using straight scopes, the subject is aligned with your eyes whereas in an angled design, this is not the case. You can do bird watching at different levels and angles using an angled scope. With straight scopes, the lens needs adjustments to adjust to varying heights.

There are situations where you have to kneel down with a straight scope. This is not necessary with an angled scope because you just have to turn your head a little. For a better and stable view, an angled design can have a lower mount. It’s also possible to mount them on a lightweight tripod. But with straight scopes, the mounting should be done at eye level. These scopes are ideal for birding from cars because they can be conveniently placed on a car’s window. Angled scopes are more versatile which is why some people choose to use them. But personally, I recommend scopes that are light and easy to handle so you won’t have a hard time carrying it around.

As always, you should weigh all your options first before buying. Be sure you’ll get the most value for your money. Leupold and Zeiss are the best but if you can’t afford them, settle for a Nikon or Tasco instead. Think of your purchase as an investment. As I’ve stated before, accessories and added equipments abound, but consider your needs first before acquiring any. A tripod is a vital accessory because it provides more stability and sturdiness. Be sure to spare some money to buy a good quality tripod.

You can find more information about optics and vintage burris scopes at Joshua’s Optics website. He also writes reviews on different models like Zeiss and Vintage Leupold Scopes.

tasco 1x30mm red dot scope

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